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September 14, 2019


A Post race penalty saw Jonny Cocker and Sam De Haan leapfrogged in the final standings by 2.5 point with the TF Sport Aston taking the overall crown, they did however win the British GT3 Pro/Am Title by just 2 points. The #72 Lamborghini took a front-row spot with Jonny Cocker and Sam De Haan starting 5th. Balon's title hopes were dashed as he lost 2nd spot early on and fell behind the BMW. He made contact with a GT4 car allowing the Aston and BMW to get past. With the #72 Lamborghini sliding down the order the sister #69 Huracan of Jonny Cocker and Sam De Haan emerged as TF Sport’s most likely title threat. Davidson had gapped Sam De Haan such that the Aston was able to serve the car’s 20-second penalty and pull ahead of the #69 Lamborghini which had Jonny Cocker at the wheel. Meanwhile all hope of #72 Lamborghini recovering disappeared when Keen speared off track.


Adam had appeared comfortable in 4th only for a collision in the GT4 pack to bring out the Safety Car. There were 23 minutes left on the clock when racing resumed and the Aston was under serious pressure from both Jonny Cocker and Dennis Lind in the other Lamborghini. With just 4 minutes left Lind edged closer to Adam. As he sought to pass, the Lamborghini made contact with the Aston's rear causing damage and allowing Lind to draw alongside. Cocker used this to his advantage by diving up the inside and passing both cars. With Lind completing his move Adam was relegated to 6th and the #69 Barwell Lamborghini was in a title-winning position.


The McLaren took the chequered flag with RAM Mercedes finishing 2nd and the BMW 3rd. Cocker took 4th. Adam was 6th on the road. De Haan and Cocker were champions by just 0.5 points although the contact between Lind and Adam would be reviewed post-race. The investigation concluded that Lind  had gained an advantage and was handed a five-second penalty. Adam moved back into 5th spot, a result that sealed the overall British GT title. Jonny Cocker and Sam De Haan won the British GT3 Pro/Am Title by 2 points and missed out on the overall title by 2.5 points.

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